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"We offer services which go far beyond those of a traditional real estate firm"

Peschel & Partner is a full-service company which takes care of all the neccessary steps leading to a successful leasing, sale or purchase of a property. We don’t outsource any client services and are able to advise you about every possible real estate related topic – just ask.


Properties in Berlin are popular with international, institutional and private inverstors.
For buyers, we track down suitable properties which are based upon your specific criteria and determine both the current - and projected future market value before a potential bid. Because we believe that informed decisions are the best.
For sellers, we reach out to qualified individuals & companies through a mix of marketing, advertising and also local contacts „to get the word out“. Our goal is to achieve the best possible sales price and to ensure a smooth transaction for our clients until the successful close.

For a shop location to become a profitable business, it isn’t enough to simply measure the number of square metres. The neighborhood has to be right too. We locate the perfect property to suit your individual needs -- no matter which size- and also match the right partners for a beneficial, long-lasting business relationship from which both the owner and the tenant benefit.

Project Development
Some properties need to be revived first, to take advantage of their full potential. We advise you how your property can be reawakend, together with our project development partners. This could mean upgrading, expanding and sometimes even rebuilding them.
Whether you decide to sell the property afterwards or hold on to it:
It’s an investment that pays off, because better utilisation of a property translates into increased revenues and also a better return of your investment in the long-term.